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Getting a steady flow of new leads for sales or opt-ins isn't always the easiest thing to accomplish.

New clients or customers don't exactly flock to your door all by themselves -- especially if you're not doing the right things to attract the right ones.

If you're like me, you've probably done at least one (if not all) of these things, to get new traffic & leads:

  • SEO-ed yourself to death trying to get more traffic and rankings (with mixed results)

  • Played around with Facebook ads, spent a ton of money, got some clicks but not too many sales (or none)

  • Experimented with LinkedIn or some other social network, to no avail (had fun with the website but didn't end up getting any clients)

there have been many times when I've felt like I wanted to just quit and walk away.


Hugh the "Twitter Idiot"



Hugh here with a confession: I was a complete "Twitter Idiot" when I started with it back in 2011... 🙁 yup

But nowadays, I think you could call me a "Twitter Genius" 🙂

Because nowadays I can build a huge following in any targeted niche without even lifting a finger.

Now, I have new potential clients and leads reach out to ME on a daily basis.

And -- I can steal targeted followers from other important people in my niche!

It only took me six years to figure it out 😉

When I first started building my online business I knew that Twitter and the other social networks could play a big part in getting me traffic

But I hadn't a clue where to start. So I hired a guy to build my following for $100 a month, and he succeeded in building my following to over 20,000 followers over the course of a couple of years.

I think I spent over $2,000 and I still didn't have a clue what he was doing to build my following - he wasn't exactly sharing his secrets with me.

So I tried THESE IDIOTIC things to build my following myself:

  • Hired Someone on Fiverr to Add Followers

    At first it looked great – got me thousands of followers, but it turned out they were all FAKE!

  • Paid for one of those "Social Sharing Networks"

    but my content never really got shared much and it got me very few followers

  • Paid a guy to do it

    he got me lots of real followers, but cost me thousands of dollars — who wants to spend that kind of money?

After dealing with all of this for several years, it started to sink in, just what I needed to do

What had at first seemed so unclear, started to reveal itself to me as I got more and more familiar with the algorithms of the social networks.

Since I had worked with that guy for several years, I was able to analyze exactly what he'd been doing to build my following so effectively.

Part of our deal also was that he could promote anything he wanted on my networks -

so  I was watching this guy every day, get opt-ins, capture new clients, and make sales hand-over-fist, using MY ACCOUNT while I was paying HIM

Then One Day it HIT me EXACTLY how the ENTIRE PROCESS WORKS -- and that I could AUTOMATE IT!

and do it in a way that's 100% white-hat

(In case this is the first time you've ever heard of me - I kind of know a little something about how to put a nice piece of software together...)

So... I created this awesome software tool that 100% models the organic "secret" techniques I have learned over the years - announcing:

Twitworkz Cloud-Based Software

Following Builder with Optional Content Module

The "Secret" software that will help you start getting more opt-ins and sales to your websites or affiliate products and start helping you land new clients in only 15 minutes.

If you want to know how I can build new followings in any niche, bring in new leads, opt-ins and sales anytime I want to - well... this is it.

And trust me, this solution will probably make you mad. Not because it doesn't work, but because it's going to blow your mind how simple it is!

(I honestly almost couldn't believe it myself!)

Here's a quick (2 minute) walk-through of the software:

Here's how this amazing cloud-based software can help YOU in YOUR BUSINESS:

  • Easily Target Leads and Entice Them to Connect With You

    Having a steady flow of new people connecting to you daily gets you a never-ending stream of new leads and possible clients or sales for your business. Value: $1,000.00

  • 100% Hands Free Operation - Set and Forget!

    Twitworkz operates for you 24/7 – make new connections and even make sales while you sleep! Value: $1,200.00

  • "Steal" Followers from an Established Authority in Your Niche!

    take advantage of all the hard work someone else has done to build their own following and make it your own. Value: $2,500.00

  • 100% "White Hat" Compliant Coding

    you won’t be breaking any TOS and your account stays 100% within the rules. Value: $1,200

  • Easy to Use, Intuitive Interface and Excellent Support

    you’ll save tons of time from the easy and quick, intuitive set-it-and-forget-it interface and extensive usage training in video and pdf formats. Value: $500

Does Twitworkz work to connect me to the people who are interested in me?

My inbox is flooded every day now with people wanting to connect with me, liking or re-tweeting my tweets - plus I haven't show you my Paypal yet 😉

But just because this worked for me, how do you know it will work for you?

Fair question.

The last thing I want to do is put out a software that doesn't work - so I've done tons of testing and using the software myself day in and day out until I'm fully satisfied that IT WORKS for my own purposes.

I've also had people from my exclusive membership using the software and they are very pleased with their results

Here's What People are Saying About Twitworkz

ApexMike (unsolicited comment)

I have this and I have to say that it is what I would call an 'honest' product, unlike so much of the Internet Marketing community's offerings. It is quite simplistic, but I see that as an advantage (about our video product Vidworkz)

ApexMike (unsolicited comment)
Peter Williams

If you want to make money online then the best and most comprehensive tools that you will be able to find anywhere is the Web Dimensions arsenal of apps from the Master Mind of Hugh Hitchcock.

Peter Williams
Gilberto Cintron

Hugh Hitchcock is a rare one who not only develops the best products but supports them long afterwards.

Gilberto Cintron

Sounds Great Hugh - but Seriously: What's the Catch?

Again, fair question. What do I get out of this, really?

I'm a straight-to-the-point kind of person. And yes, I would like to make a bit of money.

Now, you could always continue to try to find leads on social networks yourself or pay someone to do it for you which would cost you probably around $100 per month PER ACCOUNT, the way I was paying.

There's also the option to hire a VA or get a Fiverr gig to post comments on blogs, do guest posting and all that other stuff that people recommend for traffic -- and that could cost you some pennies as well.

Or there's also the chance you could put something together like this yourself -- I have no doubt that you could, but is it really likely to happen?

And really, does it matter if I make a bit of money if it means you save yourself a ton of money, time and frustration for a fast tracked solution haha 🙂

You're also receiving these awesome bonuses to help you move forward quickly:

  • Rapid Hashtag Traffic – Value: $97.00

    This complete, comprehensive 10 part video training course will help you learn the power of hashtags and how using them can drive your traffic and sales up and up.

  • Twitter Traffic Cheat Sheet – Value: $27.00

    This resource-packed cheat sheet will help you quickly discover ways to instantly increase your traffic and interest.

  • Twitter Hashtag Traffic Ebook – Value: $47.00

    Another excellent resource to help you have a simple, yet comprehensive roadmap for your lead-getting strategies.

You'll Get $171.00 Worth of Great Products Completely Free!

But there is one thing...

This Offer will be Closing at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on 2/08/2017 (Tuesday midnight). Once I close down the offer we won't release it again at this price. I'm doing this because it's a limited launch-only offer and the price will be going way up.

Not to worry though.

To make your decision extremely easy, I'm going to remove all risk!

Yup, that's right. I want to guarantee you take advantage of this offer today, and feel good about it.

You're protected by our 30 day money-back guarantee. I promise that if you follow our simple instructions and DON'T see your following growing new leads coming in by the end of 30 days, get in touch with our team and we will give you a complete refund. It's that simple.

"Yes, I Want In! How Much Will This Cost Me?"

I'm stoked for you to jump in and get started. Even more so, I can't wait for you to see the results that are waiting for you on the other side.

Here's a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you secure your access right now:

Twitworkz Following Builder

  • an Easy Way to Target Leads and Entice them to Connect with You

    Value: $1,000.00

  • 100% Hands Free Operation - Set and Forget

    Value: $1,200.00

  • the Ability to "Steal" Followers from an Established Authority in Your Niche

    Value: $2,500.00

  • 100% White Hat Compliant Coding

    Value: $1,200.00

  • Easy to Use Intuitive Interface and Excellent Training in Video and PDF Formats- $500.00

    Value: $500.00

And You're Also Getting:

  • Rapid Hashtag Traffic

    10 part video training course Value: $97

  • Twitter Traffic Cheat Sheet

    Value: $27

  • Twitter Hashtag Traffic

    Value: $47

There's no question that the value you'll be receiving as a Twitworkz user is immense, totalling items worth over $6,571 as I've outlined above.

Choose the package that's right for you and start building your following in the next 15 minutes!


  • $17/per month

  • One Twitter Account

  • Keyword Following

  • Follower Following

  • Automatic Un-Following

  • * Optional Tweet Module

  • (* after you purchase this version you will be shown an opportunity to pick up the Tweet module for a one time price)

  • Video Training

  • Print Manual

  • 24/7 Support

  • Twitworkz aFollowing Builder Basic


  • $37/per month

  • 5 Twitter Accounts

  • Keyword Following

  • Follower Following

  • Automatic Un-Following

  • Tweet Module Included

  • if you purchase this version you will have unlimited usage of the additional Tweet module included in this price

  • Video Training

  • Print Manual

  • 24/7 Support

  • Twitworkz Following Builder Enterprise


  • $27/per month

  • 3 Twitter Accounts

  • Keyword Following

  • Follower Following

  • Automatic Un-Following

  • * Optional Tweet Module

  • (* after you purchase this version you will be shown an opportunity to pick up the Tweet module for a one time price)

  • Video Training

  • Print Manual

  • 24/7 Support

  • Twitworkz Following Builder Pro

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Before I let you go, I wanted to send out a big thank you for reading this page.

I'm truly excited for you to get started with Twitworkz Following Builder and see the results.

Talk to you soon,

Hugh Hitchcock
CEO, Web Dimensions, Inc.

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